Why sell in Winter?

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Why sell in Winter?

Why would you want to sell your home in winter?  There are several reasons to not sell your home in the winter: it can be more difficult to move due to cold and snow, fewer homes are on the market to chose from if you are moving from one house to another, and if you have children, switching school districts in the middle of the year can be hard on them.

However, sometimes we are forced to move during the winter time due to a job relocation, new job offer, divorce, need to downsize or need for more space for a growing family, or simply a strong desire to live in a different area.  Additionally, maybe there is a house you are not occupying, but was inherited during the winter, is ready to probate, or you had to evict a tenant and you are ready to stop being a landlord.  For these reasons and others, sometimes it makes sense to sell during the winter even though it may not be the best time.

Live Oak Properties can help alleviate the issues caused by selling in the winter.  We can give you a flexible time to close so that you can move exactly when you want to.  We can assist with cleaning out an inherited house or one that is proceeding through probate so that you don’t have to deal with disposing of unwanted personal property.

If you are interested in selling your house quickly, for cash in the Denver metro area, Contact Us today!

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