We Buy Houses With No Commissions, Costs, or Fees

Selling a house by traditional methods costs much more than you may realize.  There are the agents’ fees, repairs demanded by buyers, closing cost assistance, title fees, prorated taxes, and upkeep, not to mention the expenses that you will pay while you wait to sell, including insurance, utilities, lawn maintenance, and any repairs that arise.

When you sell to Live Oak Properties, you will never be charged any sort of fee to get a fair, honest offer for your house.  When you close, you will pay absolutely no closing costs, transfer fees, or real estate agent commissions.  What we offer is what you will receive!

Simply fill out the form to your right and we will call you back quickly!  For even faster service, call us at 720-943-4403.  We look forward to working with you to purchase your home at a fair price.

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